City Briefs: Police Vehicles, revenue report, and Family Fun Day

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[June 23, 2016]  LINCOLN - On Monday evening, all eight aldermen were present for the voting session of the Lincoln City Council. The group enjoyed a light agenda and closed public business in just under one hour. The council then went into executive session, saying there would be no action taken afterward.

City approves loan for police vehicles

Among the action items on the Monday night's agenda was a request to approve entering into a loan agreement with Illini Bank in Lincoln in the amount of $195,757, at 2 percent interest rate.

The money would be used to purchase seven new police vehicles from Lincoln Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

The city would purchase four Dodge Chargers for squad cars and three Ram pick-up trucks from the local dealership. This would be the first purchase in a new plan to replace approximately six vehicles every three years.

The motion to approve was made by Kathy Horn with Tracy Welch offering the second. At the vote, the motion was approved unanimously.

Before the vote, Jonie Tibbs noted that she was very pleased that the police department had worked with local businesses and that the vehicles would be purchased locally and financed locally.

Utility tax revenue still down, gaming tax up

City Treasurer Chuck Conzo gave the revenue report for the first month of the new fiscal year. In his report, he noted that the collections from the city’s utility tax were down compared to last year.

The tax is based on the cost and amount of electricity consumed by local businesses and residents. With a mild winter and a cooler than normal April and May, consumption of electricity is down for the moment. With the high heat that has been experienced in June, that consumption may increase, and consequently, the tax revenue may increase also.

The city of Lincoln implemented the utility tax in October of 2013. Since that time, the tax has brought $2,377,939.44.

In contrast, the gaming tax continues to rise. In May of 2015, the amount collected was $13,710.96. The amount collected in May 2016 was $19,784.05. The gaming tax began in November 2012. Since that time, the total amount collected is $413,550.38.

Thanks for all you do

During public participation on Monday evening, Pastor Larry Crawford accompanied by Terry Carlton and Dan Turner, all of Open Arms Fellowship Church in Lincoln, talked about the upcoming Family Fun Day that the church hosts annually in Scully Park downtown.

Pastor Crawford said that the free event, which would be held on July 16th this year was a great way to bring people together as a community. The church estimates that approximately 2,500 people attend the event each year. He said that these were people who come from all walks of life, all kinds of backgrounds, there to enjoy a day in the park, and time with family and friends.

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He noted and thanked Police Chief Paul Adams and Fire Chief Mark Miller, for their respective department’s involvement in the event each year. The Lincoln departments along with other emergency service agencies in the area often bring out their vehicles and their personnel to the event. Families have the opportunity to view the equipment and speak with personnel about what they do for the community.

Crawford said that he understood that what the Lincoln City Council does is “huge.” He said Family Fun Day is all about making the community better, and that ultimately the church shares that goal with the aldermen.

He said the church wanted to thank the city for their efforts, and also wanted to offer their help in any way needed. He said, referring to the town and community, “We want to join you in making it better.”

Terry Carlton, who is a former Logan County Board member, also spoke briefly saying that he understood first hand that being a community servant, such as the aldermen are, is not always a fun job. He said that he wanted the aldermen to understand that Open Arms Fellowship supports the city and appreciates all the efforts being made on a daily basis.

Announcements and other discussion

Before going into executive session, Mayor Marty Neitzel acknowledged that Alderwoman Jonie Tibbs and her husband Harry celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary over the weekend. She congratulated them. It was also noted that Treasurer Conzo would celebrate his birthday this week.

Kathy Horn said the Lincoln Community High School class of 1971 held their reunion over the weekend, and many attended the 3rd Friday event downtown. She said some who are out of town but within driving distance said they would be back for future events.

Police Chief Paul Adams noted that the D.A.R.E Golf Outing held last Friday was a nice event and that the Department raised approximately $10,000 for the D.A.R.E. program.

Neitzel also noted that the 14-month calendars being sold by the Humane Society of Logan County would go on sale this week, and include photos of local emergency service programs, as well as the Lincoln Fire and Police Departments.

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