Hartsburg-Emden student shadows Rep. Tim Butler
as the Representative visits the school

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Representative Tim Butler recently paid a visit to the Hartsburg-Emden school. While there he was 'shadowed' for the day by Hartem senior Nathan Nowatney.

Nathan made some notes and took some photos of the Representative in action. Below is Nathans take on the day.

Inside Butlerís Head
by Nathan Nowatney
February 26, 2016

Rep. Tim Butler stood in front of a group of 8th graders, explaining to them in terms they can mostly understand what he does as a representative.

He stood confidently and spoke eloquently- it was clearly not the first time he has done this. He said he had visited around fifty schools in his term.

Throughout the day he hopped from class-to-class, speaking with students and happily and enthusiastically answering any questions they had.

The first thing I notice about Representative Butler is his staggering height, and thatís not the only parallel I can draw between him and Abraham Lincoln. He even served in the same general area as Lincoln when he was working as a representative, and he happily admits that.

Besides donning a backwards H-E cap and taking a selfie with the freshman class, he received a yearbook and a t-shirt. 




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