Detailed Logan County terrain contours now viewable in one-foot intervals

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[May 13, 2016]  LINCOLN - LiDAR is a remote sensing technology which is similar to radar, using a laser instead of radio waves.

The LiDAR flights were made in the Fall of 2013 and in the Spring of 2014. The data was processed and analyzed and is now available to the public. Through the cooperative effort with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Logan County now has some of the most accurate LiDAR data in the State of Illinois.

The LiDAR data was used to create elevation contours at one-foot intervals for all of Logan County. Anyone interested in viewing contour data can use the internet mapping website at The contour layer can be found under the Environmental folder and can be turned on by clicking the empty box. For information on how to obtain the entire LiDAR dataset for Logan County, please contact Will D’Andrea (217-732-4773).

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LiDAR data can be used to determine drainage patterns, which can be difficult to determine in flat terrain. NRCS will be using this data to identify farmland for improved drainage water management practices, which can help to improve water quality by reducing nutrient runoff. Real estate developers will find the data useful since engineers can quickly estimate site development costs. The data will also be helpful for local landowners in determining drainage. Homeowners and lenders will be able to easily compare building site elevations with designated floodplains.

[Will D’Andrea, GIS Coordinator]

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