Washington-Monroe events - Relay Recess - Olympic dreams - Girls on the Run - target health and fitness

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[May 16, 2016]  LINCOLN - On Thursday, May 12, Washington-Monroe Elementary School combined three events that are health and fitness related. The American Cancer Society's Relay Recess program was combined with an Olympic theme for the week. The Relay Recess was also folded into a year-end community project for the school's "Girls on the Run" chapter that is preparing for a 5K.

Logan County youth are taking the messages of ‘healthy lifestyles’ into the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life as they participated in the Relay Recess at their schools. “ROCKIN’ FOR A CURE’ is the theme of the Logan County Relay, which has a goal of eliminating this disease that has no boundaries of age.

Events in the Washington Monroe's Relay Recess included a "javelin throw" through Olympic rings made from hula hoops, a ring toss with cones, and running laps around the blacktop area.

The Girls on the Run had temporary tattoos for the children and had them sign paper feet showing support for the Relay. The feet will be displayed in the hallways of the school.

Students in each of the kindergarten through fifth grade classes at Washington Monroe have also participated in a coin war this week. The money raised will be donated to the Relay For Life fight against cancer.

The school has been celebrating their Spring Escape this week, which is a spirit week with special dress up days and events. This year's theme is the Olympics since it is a year for the Summer Olympics.

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In the afternoon, retired Olympic speedwalker Deborah Sullivan came to speak to classes as part of the week's theme. Sullivan shared stories of her time in the Olympics. Sullivan said she had dreamed of being in the Olympics from third grade on, when she won races against classmates. Because she was studious, people laughed at her.

Sullivan had students share some of their dreams of what they want to be when they grow up and shared five lessons with them. Sullivan said, "Believe in yourself - have dreams - work hard - take care of yourself - and never quit." She also gave each student gifts in Olympic colors to remind them to reach for the stars.

Through the day's activities, students learned about being healthy and supporting the Relay cause.

[Angela Reiners]


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