Film Festival screens "Snow Day"

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[October 17, 2016]  LINCOLN - As part of the Lincoln Film Festival there was a Sunday afternoon screening of the movie "Snow Day." The documentary film about life, death, and skiing follows a group of senior citizens on their weekly ski trip in the Colorado Rockies sharing their stories.

After the movie, a post-production screening was held giving movie goers a chance for a question and answer session with Katherine Ringgold, who edited the movie.

Ringgold is a film editor who has been working at Pixar Animation Studios for 16 years and has done editing work for movies such as "Monsters, Inc.," "Finding Nemo," "Ratatouille," and "Up."

Moviegoers had questions about how much footage Ringgold had to work with, who puts the music in, and how it works when the editor's vision is different from the director's vision.

Ringgold said she worked with tons of footage. Over 200 hours of footage was filmed, and 80 hours were given to the producer before it got to the editing stage.

One filmmaker was the daughter of one of the skiers in the movie and as she filmed it, she found deeper stories of the skiers at the resort.

Ringgold she said spent evenings and weekends editing it to the final version since she has another job during the day.

She said some of the music was already recorded and put in, and other music was composed for what was edited.

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Ringgold said when the footage was sent to her, the director gave her an outline to follow, but she found she needed to rearrange some of it. The director had also done some editing, so it was not difficult to make changes. Ringgold said she used her vision to help the story play out.

Those who watched the movie and attended the question and answer session said they enjoyed the movie and appreciated hearing about the process of editing it.

[Angela Reiners]

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