From dark to whimsical, artworks depict traditional “Folk Tales and Fables”

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[September 10, 2016]  LINCOLN - Members of Logan County Arts opened their latest themed show at the Lincoln Art Institute Thursday evening. The show is titled “Folk Tales and Fables” and runs the gamut from Greek, African, Scottish, Norse and Icelandic legends from the ages. The artists pulled out all the stops to showcase their talents in painting, sculpture, wood carving, and photography with themes both popular and little known from cultures around the world.

In an interesting twist, most of the folk tales and fables depicted at the Lincoln Art Institute find their origins in countries other than the United States. Artist Sheralyn Bolton wondered about this aspect of the show. “I’m at a loss to explain why American folk tales are not part of this exhibit. We have fables from around the world. Is it because America is such a young country to have developed many of our own tales,” she said.

Or maybe it is just central Illinois that has not developed folk tales. Artist Cheryl Spove mentioned that other regions of the country may have their own history of folk tales, regions such as Appalachia. “The Native American culture has myths about many aspects of their lives, but we just don’t have access to them here,” she said.

Artist Pam Moriearty focused on the sometimes less pleasant aspects of fables. “Everyone has a different take on fables. Some of the stories by the Brothers Grimm are, well, just plain grim,” she said. That was reflected in a few examples of the art.

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Rob Swofford chose to create his own folk tale with an autobiographical piece entitled “Teenage Me” complete with his own pantheon of gods watching over him. “There are a million ways to take fables. Some of them have been passed down by word of mouth and originally started as some aspect of religion,” he said.

The “Folk Tales and Fables” gallery exhibit, legends from around the world coupled with imagination and talent of local artists, will be on display at the Lincoln Art Institute through September. Stop by the gallery and press the door bell. If artist in residence Moses Pinkerton is around he will open the gallery to visitors. Call Moses at 217-651-8355 to schedule a private showing.

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