Crowds come out for annual Lincoln Park District Easter Egg Hunt

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On Saturday a long-standing tradition was observed at the Lincoln Park District. The annual Park District Easter Egg Hunt took place on the golf greens at the PD with a huge number of families showing up to participate in the free event.

The egg hunt is divided into four age groups - 0 to 2, 3 to 4, 5 to 6, and 7 to 8. The groups go out onto the field one at a time and snatch up the thousands of eggs that are laying about. In the younger groups parents, grandparents, or even older siblings are permitted to go out and assist as the tinier tots collect their eggs.

This year each group was not only searching for candy, but for prizes that would be distributed by the park district when everyone was finished.

There was one special egg in each age group that when found, entitled the recipient to a family pass to the Park District Aquatic Center.

PD director John Andrews manned the loudspeaker and reminded kids that they could only go one group at a time.

Then beginning with the smallest ones at the line he yelled out for everyone to "Go!" And go they did, scurrying about their designated area with older helpers in tow grabbing up and enjoying the bounty, and of course hoping for that special grand prize egg.

Pictures by  Nila Smith


Both before and after the event, the Easter Bunny was on hand to visit with children, allow for a photo opportunity for parents, and his helper was also handing out treats.


After the hunt, kids and families took a break in the grass and popped open their eggs. They saved the candy and prize papers and then deposited the plastic eggs in collection containers near the field house.

Candy for the event was donated by the Lincoln Walgreens store.




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