ALPLM Volunteers learn Mount Pulaski History at on-site workshops

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Last week on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Mount Pulaski Courthouse, and the Mount Pulaski Genealogical and Historical Society and Museum became an education source for volunteers from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

Approximately 120 ALPLM volunteers traveled to Mount Pulaski in groups of 30. The groups began their day at the Mount Pulaski Courthouse where local volunteers spoke with the guests about the downtstairs rooms at the courthouse. Upstairs, Mount Pulaski Courthouse site director Barbara Stroud-Borth elaborated on the history of the courthouse and the community.

LDN, Barbara Stroud-Borth and photos by Alan Schaal



Local interpreter Bob McQue shared humorus stories about Abraham Lincoln and his time in this area.



At the museum, guests toured the downstairs learning about local history, the Lincoln connection to the community, and sampled the lifestyle of local residents through the years by visiting the many rooms upstairs.




The morning sessions ended the day with a luncheon at the Brickyard Restaurant in Mount Pulaski.


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