The 81st Logan County Fair
July 30 thru August 6, 2017

Scrambles - a night of capturing farm critters and laughter

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[August 03, 2017]  Each year mid-week of the Logan County Fair the Grandstand entertainment offers one of the most entertaining competitions. In essence, you take about 100 youth of various ages, turn them loose to catch various farm animals and watch what happens.

Youngest children try to catch a chicken. Deceptively coy chickens stroll about non-chalantly until they sense they are about to be nabbed, then intuitively dash this way or that, then when or if caught prove to be quite an arm full for a little child. Middle aged school children get their challenge catching, holding on to, and getting a well-shortening-greased pig back to pen. It takes the full strength, body mass and skill for the oldest kids to rope a calf and lead it.

Most of the older children have entered the contests year after year and it is great to observe the transformation from crafting a plan, altering technique, to successful capture.

The evening also included 4-H judging Scramble calves that were won last year, raised and returned as Steers.




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