Eminence Church Back to School Fun Fair gets kids ready

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[August 11, 2017]  ATLANTA - Historic Eminence Christian Church in Atlanta held their second Back to School Fun Fair in Atlanta Community Park on Wednesday afternoon. The aim of the fair is to bring some fun to the young students of Olympia South School in Atlanta and give everyone a backpack filled with school supplies.

Anita Harrison coordinated the Fun Fair for Eminence Christian Church. “We went all over the county asking businesses and individuals to donate school supplies for students. We also were pleased with the number of volunteers who have helped out, not just church members, but people from all over,” she said. “We ask the teachers at Olympia South exactly what their students will need when they walk through the doors this term,” she added.

Donations included the backpacks as well as items to fill them. The contents of each pack are tailored to the specific grade the student is in. Pencils and the sharpeners to go with them, erasers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, ballpoint pens, and more were divvied up for a happy crowd of kids and their parents.

Volunteers filled the packs, cooked free hotdogs for everyone, swirled paper funnels around the cotton candy machine, and filled snow cones with ice and sweet syrup.

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Barbers and stylists from Atlanta and Lincoln volunteered their time to give hair cuts to kids so they would look sharp on their first day of school.

“We hope to add new items each year, and maybe add a dentist and optometrist in the future to insure our community kids are ready to learn,” said Angie Harrison. Eminence Church holds fund raisers during the year to finance the fair including a French fry stand at the Atlanta Fall Festival, and a spaghetti dinner at the church in March. They also received a grant from the Atlanta Betterment Fund.

The first year of the Fun Fair, 63 backpacks were handed out filled with school supplies. This year, 175 backpacks went out the door. There is no stronger definition of community spirit as when Atlanta and Eminence Church come together to support their young students.

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