Hollander's 4-H Club prepares for pizza fundraiser

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[February 20, 2017]  LINCOLN - Saturday morning preparation began at 6am for Logan County's largest 4H Club's annual fundraiser, making homemade pizzas.

Hollander's which is comprised of 45 members ranging from 5 to 18 years old started this large fundraiser 10 years ago. Each year our members have raised their sales, but these year we jumped to over 900 pizzas. The clubs leaders give prizes for the top 3 salesman so it has become a competition with some of the members.

The idea of homemade pizzas came from leader John Coers who has the 3 assembly lines down to a science. He has taught the kids the importance of hard work and dedication. Several of the members and parents have been helping make the pizzas for several years and know their specific duties to near perfection.

The entire day is devoted to the club to offset enroll costs, their yearly trip and purchasing Christmas gifts for two children each year.

[Annie Coers]

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