Logan County agrees with FOP three percent salary increases for sheriff's deputies, approves consent agenda format

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[February 27, 2017]  LINCOLN - On Wednesday, February 22, the Logan County Board held their Regular monthly meeting. The board voted to approve motions from several committees and also the use of a consent agenda at future meetings.

Safety Committee

The board unanimously approved Safety Committee Chairman Bob Farmer's motion to approve the Sheriff’s Labor Contracts.

At Thursday's Board Workshop, Farmer said the deputies had completed salary negotiations. Sheriff Steve Nichols said a Fraternal Order of Police agreement has been reached that is fair for both sides with deputies getting a three percent increase and other employees getting two and three-fourths percent.

Chairman's report

The board unanimously approved Board Chairman Chuck Ruben's motion to bring forth language to put Consent Agenda on the Board Policies, Procedures and Rules.

On the consent agenda, the board can group together routine items like raffles, county reports, and treasurer reports. If a member wants an item taken off the consent agenda and discussed separately, the item can be taken off and go on a roll call vote for more discussion.

Finance Committee update

The board unanimously approved Finance Committee Chairman David Hepler's motion to approve a four-year expenditure for the Highway Department to upgrade rural reference signs. The amount for the first three years would be $20,000, and for the fourth year $15,000.

County Engineer Bret Aukamp said all the money will be used for the materials for the signs as the department will not charge extra for the time, labor, or equipment to install the signs.

The board unanimously approved a motion from Hepler for a tax anticipation notes.

Hepler's motion for the designation of banks for county deposits passed with Emily Davenport, Bob Farmer, Dave Blankenship, Kevin Bateman, David Hepler, Gene Rohlfs, Bob Sanders, Scott Schaffenacker, Adam Schmidt and Annette Welch voting yes; and Chuck Ruben abstaining.

Executive & Personnel update

Executive and Personnel Chairman Emily Davenport brought forth three motions for approval.

The board unanimously approved Davenport's motion to approve the Personnel Policy Manual with performance review form included.

The board also unanimously approved Davenport's motions to amend the Board Policies
Procedures and Rules and a travel expense reimbursement ordinance.

For the past few months, the committee has been working on modifying the Policies
Procedures manual adding in a few new policies, procedure, and rules and taking out some outdated policies.

Buildings & Grounds

Building and Grounds Chairman Kevin Bateman brought forth a motion to approve the use of Latham Park on August 26th, 2017 for a craft fair to coincide with the Balloon Festival.

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Bateman said the wine festival would no longer be held during that time, so the Chamber is trying to get another attraction downtown during the Balloon Festival.

Board member Gene Rohlfs said he hoped if the art fair returned to that weekend, the craft fair would be relegated to Scully Park because the artists need the shade more than the craft fair.

Bateman said, "I would like to reach out to the chamber and suggest Scully Park instead of Latham Park due to the fact that in trying to get a craft fair to come on the barbeque weekend," they brought up "Scully Park because it's flat and setting up tents is very difficult."

Bateman said he motioned for Latham Park because the chamber had chosen it, but he would ask them if they wanted to use Scully Park "just based on the lay of the land."

Bateman said the chamber had not run a craft fair before. They always ran the wine festival or art fair and those events were at Latham Park.

Ruben suggested Bateman amend the motion to make it either park.

The board unanimously approved Bateman's motion to approve the use of either park for the craft fair on Balloon Festival weekend.

The board also unanimously approved Bateman's motion to approve the use of the Courthouse on May 6th, 2017 for the LCHS Red Carpet and Royal Grand March.

Public Transportation update

The board unanimously approved Public Transportation Chairman Kevin Bateman's motion to approve a Vehicle Lease Agreement between Logan County, Illinois and Community Action Partnership of Central Illinois

Board members present were Board Chairman Chuck Ruben, Vice Chairman Emily Davenport, Bob Farmer, Dave Blankenship, Kevin Bateman, David Hepler, Gene Rohlfs, Bob Sanders, Scott Schaffenacker, Adam Schmidt and Annette Welch. Janet Dahmm was absent.

The next Regular board meeting will be Tuesday, March 21 at 7 p.m.

[Angela Reiners]

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