Mount Pulaski officials seek input on impact of grocery store closure
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[January 21, 2017]  With the sale of the grocery store and the closure of the store by the new owner all within the year; where do you stand on the future of a grocery store in Mount Pulaski?


Take a few minutes if you will to provide feedback to the City of Mount Pulaski by answering the following:

Where do you mainly buy groceries?

Did you buy groceries in Mount Pulaski before the grocery was sold?

Before it closed?

If you bought groceries in Mount Pulaski, what percentage do you estimate that you bought?

When you buy groceries, what are the main influences for your choice of a grocery store? (ie. price, quality, etc.)

What would a grocery store have to offer you, to make a grocery in Mount Pulaski your main grocery store?

Even if a grocery store in Mount Pulaski could not compete on price, what percentage of your grocery shopping dollars could you consider spending locally?



city of Mt. Pulaski
113 S. Lafayette St.
Mount Pulaski, IL 62548

Or drop off survey at:

Mount Pulaski City Hall
113 S. Lafayette St.
Mount Pulaski

Printable copy of survey

[City of Mount Pulaski]


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