4-H Food, Nutrition & Health Show Results

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[July 28, 2017]  LINCOLN - The Logan County 4-H Food, Nutrition & Health Show was held on July 13, 2017 at the Extension Building on the fairgrounds. Approximately 50 youth participated in the event. Grace Skelton was named the 2017 Top Foods Exhibitor

4-H 2017 Top Foods Exhibitor Grace Skelton with Unit 16 County Extension Director, Terri Miller

The 4-H’rs who were chosen to go on to the State Fair are as follows:

4-H Foods State Fair Delegates front L to R: Taylor Boudeman, Grace Skelton, Miranda Nelson, Sarai Jackson, Ashley Hall, and Hannah Crider.  Back L to : Klarissa Helton, and Roux Starr

Foods - State Fair Delegates
Cooking 101- Sarai Jackson
Cooking 201- Miranda Nelson
Cooking 301- Roux Starr
Cooking 401- Hannah Crider
Food Science 1- Ashley Hall
Food Preservation- Klarissa Skelton
Foods/Clover Challenge- Grace Skelton

4-H Foods State Fair Alternates L to R: Terrance Hyde, Sarah Dahmm, Hannah Crider, Raelyn Lessen, and Joseph Dahmm. Not Pictured: David Morrow

Foods - State Fair Alternates
Cooking 101- Terrance Hyde
Cooking 201- David Morrow
Cooking 301- Joseph Dahmm
Cooking 401- Raelyn Lessen
Food Preservation- Hannah Crider

Food Decorating – State Fair Delegate Taylor Boudeman

Food Decorating – State Fair Alternate Sarah Dahmm

4-H Health State Fair Delegates L to R: Grace Skelton, Alice Roate, and Winton Carlock

Health – State Fair Delegates
Winton Carlock – Health 2
Alice Roate – Health 1
Grace Skelton – Health/Clover Challenge

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Food, Nutrition & Health Show Ribbon Awards

Cooking 101 – Blue Awards
Sarah Dahmm
Rylie Gibson
Terrance Hyde
Sarai Jackson
Emery Kitterman
Ella Klokkenga
Chase Parr
Joseph Parr

Cooking 101 – Red Awards
Joessa McGinnis (2)
Kolton McGinnis (2)
Nina Salvator (2)
Sophie Schneider

Cooking 201 – Blue Awards
Clay Aylesworth
Winton Carlock
Klarissa Helton (3)
David Morrow
Miranda Nelson (3)

Cooking 301 – Blue Awards
Wil Buse
Mary Carlock
Daniel Crider (2)
Joseph Dahmm
Lucas Kuhlman
Oran Kuhlman
Grace Lessen
Ruth Lessen
Faith Sanders
Cavit Schempp
Sarah Starasta
Roux Starr

Cooking 401 – Blue Awards
Mary Carlock
Hannah Crider (3)
Ashley Hall
Raelynn Lessen
Alice Roate

Food Preservation - Blue Awards
Daniel Crider
Hannah Crider
Klarissa Helton
Amelia Kuhlman
Stephen Starasta

Food Preservation – Red Award
Charlotte Toohill

Food Science – Blue Award
Ashley Hall

Food Demonstration – Blue Awards
Cavit Schempp
Molly Schempp
Charlotte Toohill

Foods – Clover Challenge – Blue Award
Grace Skelton

Food Decorating/Beginning – Blue Awards
Sarah Dahmm
Shelby Heyen
Sarai Jackson
Kristina Morrow

Food Decorating/Intermediate – Blue Awards
Taylor Boudeman

Health I – Blue Award
Alice Roate

Health 2 – Blue Award
Winton Carlock

Health – Clover Challenge - Blue Award
Grace Skelton

[Patty Huffer, Logan County 4-H]

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