From the left: Lincoln Mayor Seth Goodman, Alderman Rick Hoefle, Dorothy and Jack Bale, and Alderman Jeff Hoinacki

Dorothy and Jack Bale first recipients of the Lincoln Home of the Month Award

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[June 10, 2017]   LINCOLN - On Thursday afternoon, Mayor Seth Goodman and Ward 4 Aldermen Jeff Hoinacki and Rick Hoefle proudly presented the very first Lincoln Home of the Month Award to Dorothy and Jack Bale.

The Bales live in the Mayfair edition, on North Gate, and were nominated by Hoinacki to receive the award.

The award includes a traveling sign that will remain in the Bales front yard through the rest of this month. In July a new home of the month will be awarded and the sign will then go to that home. In addition to the sign, the Bales were presented with $50 in Chamber Bucks that may be spent in any Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce business that accepts Bucks, throughout the county.

Dorothy was happy to lead her guests around her yard sharing what the plants were and talking about the time she spends growing and gardening every day. Jack was quick to say that he was simply a spectator in the lawn work, Dorothy has the green thumb, and spends the biggest part of her day outside.

Dorothy noted that she leaves the house around 9 a.m. every morning to work and tend to her numerous flower patches. She comes in for the day, usually around 3 p.m.

Asked what area of the yard is her favorite she commented, “It all is.”

The back yard has plenty of lawn space with borderline features that include plants, flower pots, and lawn ornaments and décor. A garden shed in the back yard is part of the landscape, all nicely decked out with green plants growing in front and around it. The back corner also includes a nice bed with a privacy fence as the backdrop.

The back yard also features a nicely done patio/deck and lawn ornaments along the back wall of the house.

The front of the home is also pleasingly landscaped with plants growing along the borders of the house and a nicely decorated front porch.

Mayor Goodman asked Alderman Hoinacki why it was he had nominated the Bales to be the Ward 4 home entered into the drawing. Hoinacki explained that he too lives in the Mayfair edition and comes past the house quite often. He said that Dorothy is always outside working in her yard and making things look nice.

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He said everything is always well groomed, plus they decorate for every holiday so there are features of the house that are always changing.

Mayor Goodman shared with the Bales that they are the first ever recipients of the Home of the Month. He said that he wanted to recognize Lincoln residents who do take pride in their property and he is hopeful that highlighting those homes will serve as an inspiration to other homeowners.

Dorothy said she does think that people are inspired by her place, and most of all they enjoy it. She said that some of her neighbors have commented that they love to come by and just take a look around from time to time, and that makes Dorothy happy.

The home of the month program was implemented by Mayor Goodman in May. He asked aldermen to each nominate one home within their ward to be a home of the month, then the drawing of a name was conducted at the Monday June 5th meeting of the city council.

In May there were seven aldermen, and at the first of June, Goodman received seven nominations. He read each nomination aloud and told which alderman had chosen that particular address. The addresses were all put into a basket and City Clerk Peggy Bateman was asked to draw out the name.

A new drawing will be held at the first voting session in July.

[Nila Smith]

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