Historical finds in our midst: the postcard

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Pictures by Curtis Fox

An example of one of the family Bibles in the LCGHS collection. Bibles were often used to record important dates in the history of a family.


Many of the Bibles contain wonderful illustrations to enhance the stories, sometimes referred to as an illuminated Bible.

Examples of holiday postcards that were common during the early twentieth century. These contain space on the other side for a greeting and an address.

These postcards were used for holiday greetings before the boom in mass produced birthday and Christmas cards. Note the lack of a specific address on some cards, just a name and a town. They still were delivered to the intended recipient.

This is a traditional “Wish you were here” postcard with a bit of modest cheesecake.

A special postcard showing a spectacular circus wagon. It was probably a special order to commemorate the completion of the project.

A postcard from about the time of World War II. Check out the required postage.


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