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STEM: Academics and practical experiences inspire students
By From the classroom of Heather Fricke
Mount Pulaski Community Unit District #23
Technology Coordinator, M.S. Instructional Design and Technology

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[March 03, 2017]  STEM  - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics - is an elective course taken by all eighth grade students at Mount Pulaski Grade School. The course is taught by Heather Fricke.





Volume lab

Throughout the school year, this course covers a vast array of content. Concepts investigated during this course include: Digital Citizenship, Online Safety, Email Safety, Bridges, Catapults, Speed/Acceleration, Engineering Challenges (egg drops, chip ship, labyrinths, tallest towers), Data Collection and Graphing, News Casting, Movie Creation, Clay Animation, Validity and Sourcing, Engineering Careers, Skyscrapers, Simple and Complex Machines, Scale Drawings, Communication, Making Accurate Observations, Ductagami, Flight, Public Service Announcements, Lake Michigan Species Diversity, Mission to Mars, and Consumer Reports Testing.

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Outside lab

All of these concepts are investigated using hands-on learning lab experiments. This gives students an opportunity to hone their scientific measurement skills (using scientific tools like triple beam balances, meter sticks, pipettes, graduated cylinders, protractors, etc…) prior to entering high school.


Students also had an opportunity to investigate careers within the field of STEM by attending the Manufacturing EXPO in Peoria back in October.

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