"Two Perspectives, Two Journey’s" offers diversity of two artists

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[March 13, 2017]  LINCOLN - The Lincoln Art Institute is featuring two young artists from Lincoln at the opening of the latest show “Two Perspectives, Two Journey’s.”

The doors of the gallery opened to this latest addition to the Lincoln art scene Friday evening. Walk into the gallery, look left, look right and you are faced with very different views of the world through the media and minds of the featured artists, Kira Jackson and Rob Swofford.

Rob and Kira have been members of Logan County Arts for several years. They always come up with unusual and imaginative contributions to the gallery exhibits. Kira uses photography, painting, and sculpture to express herself. Her views on art’s positive impact on our lives and politics can be seen in many of her works. Rob can take a seemingly ordinary idea and bring out fire and turmoil with any art supplies that happen to jump into his hand.

Kira and Rob are just the tip of the talent pool of artists in central Illinois who display their creations at the Lincoln Art Institute.

To view the latest show, contact Moses Pinkerton at 217-651-8355. You can also obtain information about the April show at the Lincoln Art Institute website.

[Curtis Fox]

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