Mother Nature bewilders plants and wildlife

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With just below freezing temps, Sunday night's sticky heavy snow blanketed the area in white beauty. Amounts varied with over four inches measured in this one-inch birdbath (#8) near Lincoln. Numerous accidents were reported as ramps, roads and highways were covered with scattered slick spots that sent vehicles off-road and trucks jackknifed.

Pictures by Jan Youngquist

Snow, no snow, no difference, Daffodils planted in mass on the dike in Kickapoo Creek Park carry on with their cheery yellow spring blooms.


Like people, some birds don't seem to mind a little late snow,
others, well... appear a little cranky about it.

The KCP forest spirit is another that doesn't like this late snow stuff.

Where as, to the entry forsythia bush, no difference. It's blooms stand out even more in snow.


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