Lincoln Mayor Neitzel asks Bateman, Rohlfs, Tibbs, as well as herself to "bow out graciously"

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[March 21, 2017]  LINCOLN - At the end of the Monday night voting session of the Lincoln City Council, Mayor Marty Neitzel offered up some comments concerning the future appointment of an alderman to fill the Ward 3 vacancy left by Todd Mourning.

Neitzel said that when Mourning told the city on March 6th that he would be resigning his seat, the three mayoral candidates other than herself had all been notified, and all expressed that if not elected mayor, they would like to be considered for the position.

After Mourning's resignation had been made public, Neitzel said that six other ward three residents had notified her that they too would like to be considered for the seat.

Netzel said she had given this much thought and consideration, and had interviewed those interested in the seat.

She said after much thought and consideration, she was going to call an executive session next week so that the sitting aldermen could interview a selection of those vying for the appointment.

She concluded her statement saying that she would now ask that Kevin Bateman, Wanda Lee Rohlfs, and Jonie Tibbs, as well as herself "bow out graciously" and allow the new administration, new mayor, to work with his new council.

Neitzel left the Council Chambers immediately after adjournment and was not available for further comment.

[Nila Smith]

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