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Local widower seeks help in recovering wife's jewelry

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To the editor:

Last March, my wife of 60 years passed away. In June, in order to make our house more convenient for just myself, I decided to have some of our furniture auctioned off. People always say not to rush things after a loss of this magnitude, and as it turned out, there was never a truer statement.

One of the items offered for sale on the 6th of June, was a jewelry cabinet. I had so many things running through my mind at the time the furniture was picked up, I neglected to clean the cabinet out. As a result, I lost much of my wife’s jewelry, some keepsake items that had been passed down through the family, and many items that I had made. Some of these “home made” items included necklaces, turquoise rings, and an ebony ring. Other items included an anniversary ring, a baroque opal ring, and many other items. As of right now, I have none of her jewelry, or the family keepsakes to hold on to as a remembrance.

[to top of second column in this letter]

I have tried a number of times to reach out to the people who bought this cabinet, have not been able to locate them, and I thought this would be my last resort. I am hoping that when they read this, they will do the right thing and return the items to me. If this might be the case, they can contact me at jhart32@comcast.net or call me at 732-5465.

I will send another Letter to the Editor later to let you know what happens in this matter.

John Hart

[Posted March 07, 2017]

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