ISP seeks information on criminal act in Logan County
Rocks thrown from overpass near Atlanta, driver and passenger narrowly escape injury
Illinois State Police seeks information

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[November 21, 2017] 


The Illinois State Police is investigating an incident which occurred in the early morning hours of Monday, November 20, 2017, in the northbound lanes of Interstate 55 near mile post 140 in Logan County. A motorist’s vehicle suffered significant damage when a large rock (approximately the size of a bowling ball weighing nearly 10 pounds) was thrown from an overpass located just outside of Atlanta, Illinois. The rock passed through the roof of the vehicle narrowly missing the driver and a rear passenger.

In a stern warning, Illinois State Police District 09 Commander stated “If dropping objects from an overpass onto the roadway or traffic below sounds like a good idea – THINK AGAIN. Your actions can cause great bodily injury or death. When you are caught, punishment can include felony criminal charges and incarceration” Commander Owen continued by stating that “no one has the right to endanger others by committing senseless acts such as throwing items from overpasses. The Illinois State Police takes these incidents very seriously and is actively working to identify the offender or offenders.”

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The Illinois State Police is seeking information from the public to supplement their investigation. Commander Owen stated “somewhere someone is talking about this crime and we are encouraging those with information to come forward. In doing so, lives could be saved.”

In the event the crime was committed by more than one person, Commander Owen stated “it’s simple, how much do you trust those you were with? There is a good chance someone will come forward and oftentimes, that can be very beneficial for the person who confesses first or provides information.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Illinois State Police (217) 786-6677.

[Lieutenant Chris Owen
ISP District 09]

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