Logan County Board to vote tonight on withholding health department funds

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[November 21, 2017] 


At the November Logan County Board Workshop, Finance Committee Chairman David Hepler said on Tuesday he would motion to decrease funding for the Logan County Department of Public Health by $90,000 with the money to be put into a contingency fund.

For this to be done, Board Chairman Chuck Ruben said they would need a motion to put the $90,000 into a new line item as a contingency fund.

Hepler said he would make a second motion to create the Contingency Fund line item.

Hepler said he had a question about who is able to get care at the SIU Center for Family Medicine, whose offices are located in the Health Department. He wants to make sure veterans are getting care on parity basis.

Dr. Sharon Molitoris, from SIU Dental Clinic was there to clarify some issues that came from the event that had prompted the motion.

Dr. Molitoris said a veteran came into the clinic this week with an acute health issue. The computer system would not permit an appointment to be made because the new medical provider (doctor) on duty that day was not yet credentialed under the patient's TriCare insurance. The patient was offered an appointment when a credentialed provider was available, but it was too far into the future for the patient's needs.

The medical center is still new and working on the coordinating all of the doctors coming here insurance credentialed. It has taken some time, but it is getting done.

When the situation was reviewed later, it was determined that this was a glitch that would not happen to a veteran again.

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Molitoris said they are dedicated to providing care for veterans and their families. Since this incident occurred, the medical center determined that it would see veterans now regardless of insurance until all of their providers can fully be credentialed by insurance plans.

She concluded, after reviewing their plan, they will better serve veterans as they specifically look at veteran's needs.

She then read a letter about the appointment process for veterans. She said the process is to schedule a same day appointment with a provider who is working in the clinic that day if the veteran has an acute problem, regardless of the provider's status with TriCare or other insurance.

Molitoris said the office is also working on special program with the local Veteran's Commission to provide coverage for dental services where the Commission will assist with covering costs. Through area donations, they have also earmarked funds for medical and dental services for veterans.

Molitoris added that they are dedicated to serving the people of Logan County.

Hepler said he just wants protections for veterans. He said the county would restore the Health Department funds in January if the SIU clinic can serve veterans in the way they plan to.

The board will vote on the motions at the Regular Board meeting tonight, Tuesday, November 22.

[Angela Reiners]

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