Logan County Emergency Management Agency presents 2017 awards
Larry Shroyer Award - IL Representative Tim Butler and IL Senator Bill Brady
Retirements - Deputy Director Terry Storer and 911 Dispatch Supervisor Mark Mann
Police, fire, community emergency response awards

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[November 22, 2017] 


On Thursday, November 16, Logan County Emergency Management Agency Director Dan Fulscher presented special awards. Beginning at 6:30 p.m. the ceremony was held in the third floor courtroom of the Logan County Courthouse in conjunction with the Logan County Board Workshop and drew a large crowd.

Presentations included the annual Larry Shroyer Award, two special retirement recognitions, and a number of emergency response awards to people who assisted in emergencies this past year that included storm damages from extremely high winds in Lincoln and Middletown, a train derailment in Elkhart and a recent train evacuation in Lincoln.

Fulscher thanked the Logan County Board for supporting Emergency Services, Emergency Management, 911, and the first responders in the field.

Special EMA awards presented

Fulscher said that special awards are given every year to those who help keep the county safe.

Dan Fulscher, Darwin Shroyer, Tim Butler, and Niha Minnaganti

This year's top award, the Larry Shroyer Award, was presented to Representative Tim Butler and Senator Bill Brady (represented by his aide Niha Minnaganti) for all the work they have done for the community.

In the 1940's, Larry Shroyer wrote the county’s Emergency Management plan, received grants for the safety complex, and was always helping others. Each year, the award is presented to someone dedicated to service and safety in the community.

Fulscher said Representative Butler and Senator Brady have both helped EMA get grants to build the 911 center and always call to check on the county when there are events like the ones this summer. He meets with Butler and Brady every year to discuss EMA.

Fulscher read the plaque given to Representative Tim Butler and Senator Bill Brady “In recognition of distinguished service and lifetime dedication to the safety of Logan County and Logan County EMA.

Representative Butler said, " I consider it my job to help out. EMA does great things. I just pick up the phone to check on the county." He said there were recent fears that 911 would not be fully funded, but he will always fight for the funding.


Fulscher announced that EMA Deputy Director Terry Storer would be retiring, and spoke about some of what Storer has done. He said thanked Storer for his 40 years of unwavering service to the county, which began as a paramedic. Storer was the 1995 ESDA Volunteer of the Year.

Dan Fulscher, Terry, Brandon, & Patti Storer, and Rep. Tim Butler

Before presenting his award there was a pause, and as a surprise Storer's wife Patti escorted in their son Brandon who lives on the east coast, for them to stand together.

Fulscher said Storer has been his "right arm" who is "so important to Logan County that you cannot replace him." Storer always had the papers in place, got the grants done, and did whatever was asked of him.

An emotional Storer thanked everyone for the recognition and said he looks forward to retirement and watching the next chapter of EMA and 911 unfold with some exciting programs coming up.

Storer will retire November 30.

Fulscher then again surprised and honored Storer by announcing that the Volunteer of the Year Award is being renamed the Terry Storer Award.

The Terry Storer Award was then presented to Devin Vannoy.

Fulscher said Vannoy is captain of EMA's Communications Team and a seven-time award winner, including state level awards. Devin is always there when you need him.

Dispatch Supervisor Mark Mann came forward with dispatcher Becky Ruben expecting to present the Dispatcher PEC Award.

Fulscher announced that Mann would be retiring. He said Mark Mann is the voice of first responders at 911 and brings calm and stability to emergencies, never getting rattled.

Mann has played a big part in the Emergency Communications Call Center since its major re-organization and has been at the core of the daily operations.

In a surprise turn of events, Fulscher said he was proud to say that here forward the dispatchers award would be named for Mann.

Glenn Shelton, Fulscher, Becky Ruben, Mark Mann, and Butler

He then gave Mann the plaque renamed as the Mark Mann Award, which Mann turned and presented to this year's recipient, Becky Ruben. In return, Mann was again surprised with a big hug from Ruben.

Added to her accolades, Ruben spearheaded a quality assurance program at 911.

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Further explaining how busy the call center has become since cell phones are everywhere and people know to call 911, Fulscher said the phone rings at the 911 call center every five minutes "and she is a big part of the work."

Becky Ruben will be taking Mann's place when he retires.

Recipients of special merit awards included the village of Elkhart, the Village of Middletown, the city of Lincoln, and individuals from area fire and rescue departments, law enforcement, and the National Weather Service.

Fulscher said after the April downburst in Middletown and two July downbursts in Lincoln that caused extensive damages, many assisted with the clean up.

Fulscher, Bob Farmer, Mark Landers

Fulscher said Logan County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy of Operations, Mark Landers, helped set up security after the winds in Middletown, helped secure the perimeter at Elkhart when a train derailed, and helped evacuate people during another recent event. Fulscher gave Landers a Special Merit Award for emergency service response.

Fulscher, board member Bob Farmer, Middletown Fire Chief Josh Gasparini , Village Trustee Amanda Lawrence, and Butler

April 29 brought high winds between 65 and 78 mph through Middletown. Fulscher said people in Middletown worked with Ameren and got a command center set up. With power lines downed everywhere, the utility provider was quick to shut off power, no lives were lost and no one was seriously injured. He presented a Special Merit Award to Middletown Fire Chief Josh Gasparini and Middletown Village Trustee Amanda Lawrence for their quick response to the situation.

Fulsher, Elkhart Fire Chief Jay Akers, Village President Lyle Fout, and Butler

On May 15, a train derailment in Elkhart caused 18 cars to go off the tracks. Fulscher said Elkhart Fire Chief Jay Akers secured the area within an hour and clean up was quick. Officials kept everyone well informed. Fulscher presented Akers and Elkhart Village President Lyle Fout with a Special Merit Award for their response to the emergency.

Two consecutive downbursts in Lincoln brought delivered high winds of 70 mph on July 9 and 10. Representatives of the city of Lincoln, the Streets and Alley Department, Fire Department, and law enforcement worked hard to clear the damage caused by the winds. The storms left 5,500 people without power on Monday and after getting down to 700 people without power, more winds on Tuesday caused 2,300 to be without power. Many trees were damaged or destroyed.

Fulscher, Lincoln Fire, Police Cheif Paul Adams, Street Superintendent Walt Landers, Alderman Rick Hoefle, and Butler

Fulscher said it was one of the best clean-up efforts he has seen. A Special Merit Award was presented to the Lincoln Fire Department, Police Chief Paul Adams, Streets and Alley Superintendent Walt Landers, and City Councilman Rick Hoefle.

Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District

Others recognized for assisting following the storms were Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District with Chief Chris Buse, Nicholas Fleshman and Nick Goff accepting the award.

Chris Miller of the National Weather Service was recognized for assisting the city in knowing what was happening during the downbursts, which Fulscher said was more powerful than some tornadoes.

Far left Cheryl Hedrick and Glenn Shelton

EMA office personnel Cheryl Hedrick and Kendall Caruthers (not pictured), as well as 911 Emergency Telecommunications System Board member Glenn Shelton were also recognized for their contributions.

Everyone present gave a round of applause for the hard working community members and for Butler and Brady's support of emergency services in Logan County.

[Angela Reiners/with contributions by Jan Youngquist]

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