Illinois State Police provides tips for Halloween safety
There is no trick to being safe - just treat yourself to these tips.

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[October 31, 2017] 

Halloween is just around the corner, and kids are thinking about their costumes and all of the candy they will be receiving. They are not thinking about the dangers they could face during the nighttime trick-or-treating festivities. Illinois State Police (ISP) District 09 Commander, Lieutenant Chris Owen, offers a few tips for a safe Halloween.

Stay off the roadway unless crossing the street, and always cross the street at crosswalks or unobscured intersections.

A responsible adult should accompany children while trick-or-treating.

Ensure children know their address and phone number. If they do not know it, attached it to their clothes.

Flashlights and/or reflective tape should be used so drivers can see trick-or-treaters.

If unaccompanied, children should only travel in familiar areas and along pre-established routes.

Children should never enter a home or an apartment building unless accompanied by an adult.

Set a time for older children to return home.

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Trick-or-treating visits should be restricted to homes with porch or outside lights illuminated.

Watch for jack-o-lanterns lit with candles as costumes may brush against the candle flame and catch fire.

A responsible adult should examine treats prior to consumption by the child. Homemade treats should be avoided.

Drivers are reminded to drive slowly; keep their eyes on the road, not their cell phone; and watch for children darting into the street.

District 09 Commander Owen stated “Halloween is an exciting time of year for our youth and it is a good opportunity for families to make valuable memories. However, we must not forget to remain vigilant over our children. Parents and guardians should be alert for suspicious activities and report such observations to law enforcement immediately”

[Tpr. Sean T. Ramsey
Safety Education Officer
Illinois State Police District 09]

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