Instructed class demonstrates Lincoln's new Fitness Court is for everyone

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[September 02, 2018]  On Saturday, Aug. 25th, beginning at 9:30 a.m. anyone interested in learning how to use Lincoln’s brand new community fitness equipment could attend a supervised training session.

Those who showed up to learn how to use the equipment could have made a commercial for how versatile the equipment is to all skill and condition levels.

Participants varied from 20 to 83 years of age, and the 83-year-old performed in the upper-half- condition of the group. It was quite impressive how adaptable the equipment is to any and all fitness levels.

Fitness instructors from the Lincoln Park District led the workout at the city of Lincoln’s Fitness Court that is now open and free to the public to use.

The equipped stations are located on a small portion of the land that was given to the city by Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, on the site of the old hospital located just west of Union St. on Eighth St.

Persons wanting to get the most out of the exercise zone can download an app to their smart phones that will help them see how to utilize the equipment. There are even videos to follow. But neither is necessary to go and use the equipment.

On this morning instructors demonstrated how to use the mat and equipment that primarily utilizes the body’s weight for resistance at any endurance level. The spongy mat aids in reducing impact to the knee joints.

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Participants circulated through the seven stations and were given 45 seconds to do reps with 15 seconds to rest. The instructors offered variations to assist each person at reaching optimal reward from their workout.

Assisting from the Lincoln Park District were Michelle Ryan, Lori Birnbaum and Taylor Rohrer.

Representing the prime sponsor of the fitness site, ALMH Community Health Collaborative, Angie Whiteman was also there to assist. Whiteman and her bundle of energy is better known as the ‘CATCH Lady’ by kids in Logan County schools and is a cheerleader for healthy lifestyle choices.

As it would be, as the instruction period ended the temperatures were rising to what would become a hot August day on this particular Saturday. The sun was just starting to make it a bit too warm as participants finished with a timely warm down.

As the group disbanded everyone seemed to like how they felt, and many were planning on making the Fitness Court a means of meeting at least some of their physical conditioning in the future.

View videos that demonstrate Fit Court equipment. https://nationalfitness

Get the app for workouts and guidance.

Get moving! There’s no more excuse. It’s free, accessible, easy and fun for everyone.

[Jan Youngquist]


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