City of Lincoln to begin fall street resurfacing projects August 20th

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[August 17, 2019] 

The 2019 city of Lincoln Scarification and Oil and chip project will get underway beginning Tuesday August 20, 2019. Please be on the lookout for temporary no parking signs in your area and please do not park in the areas posted with these signs.

The contractor will start with the streets that are going to be scarified, once this is complete the street will be regraded and compacted. These streets will not be resurfaced immediately, so residents should avoid driving on them if at all possible. If they do, we recommend not exceeding 10 mph on these streets.

A primer oil will be applied 18 to 24 hours before these streets are resurfaced and we highly recommend residents do not drive on these areas unless absolutely necessary. If it is unavoidable, we recommend not exceeding 5 mph. It would be very likely that oil will transfer from tires to the vehicle and it may also track onto other surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks.

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A base coat of rock will be applied and then a second surface coat will be applied to these streets and the other streets just receiving a standard oil and chip. These are weather sensitive operation so any rain could change the Schedule

Streets will remain open unless crews are actively working. If anyone decides to drive on this oil, they do so at their own risk.

The City or contractors will not be responsible for any damage caused by doing so.

As always it is recommended that motorist and pedestrians alike avoid these areas if possible. If you must travel in these areas please use extreme caution.

Any questions or concerns, please contact the City of Lincoln Street Department at 217-732-4655.


[Walt Landers
Lincoln Street Department]

City of Lincoln - Oil and Chip Targets 2019       
Street From To Operation
Ward # 1      
Palmer Ave Woodlawn 18th  Oil & Chip
  18th St 19th  Oil & Chip
  19th St Bridge Oil & Chip
Clay St Lincoln Keokuk  Scarification 
Elm St 8th 9th Scarification 
  9th 10th Scarification 
Ward # 2      
S. State W. Kickapoo Broadwell Dr. Oil & Chip
Jefferson St 5th 6th Oil & Chip
  6th 7th Oil & Chip
  7th Short 8th Oil & Chip
  Short 8th 8th Oil & Chip
Short 11th Jefferson Postville Oil & Chip
15th St Jackson St Terminus Oil & Chip
Maple 5th 6th Scarification 
Jefferson St 8th Short 10th Scarification 
  Short 10th Short 11th Scarification 
Ward # 3      
Tulip Dr Miller Sycamore  Oil & Chip
Sycamore Ln Tulip Pulaski Oil & Chip
Campus View Dr West of LCU Maint. Blg Terminus Scarification 
College Ave Pekin Delavan Scarification 
Ward # 4      
Ophir Ave Logan  Kankakee Oil & Chip
  Kankakee Ottawa Oil & Chip
  Ottawa Rutledge Oil & Chip
Sangamon St Delavan Tremont Scarification
  Tremont Peoria Scarification
  Peoria Lincoln  Scarification
  Lincoln Keokuk Scarification

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