Pinkerton uses art show as a funny fundraiser

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Pictures by Curtis Fox

“There is Nothing Left” by Jason Hoffman. Jason’s take on the victimization of the public by big pharma by their aggressively marketing addictive drugs. Look for exciting news from Jason Hoffman Studios in the coming month.





005 “R.I.P. Homo Sapiens” by Cheryl Spove expressing her fears for mankind given a toxic social environment.


“Union Pacific Big Boy” photographer Mitch Douglas’s homage to the era of steam on the American railroads, now long gone. The Big Boy was the most advanced and powerful steam engine produced. This one was photographed a few weeks ago near Morrison, Illinois. It has been fully restored by the Union Pacific. It is one of two left from what was once a fleet. Endangered, yes, but supplanted by newer technology. The engine was being moved from Chicago to California. Mitch reports that the route through Illinois was lined by hundreds of rail fans with cameras at the ready, lured by the nostalgia of a different age.

“Small Town Exodus American Dream #1” by Springfield artist Jeff Williams. The neighborhood garage is fading into the past.


What is this? Moses Pinkerton, owner of the Lincoln Art Institute, created a coin drop for donations to LAI. Drop a coin at the top and watch it bop its way to the bottom, ricocheting off the pins on its zigzag route down...


... where the coin will be deposited into one of three important containers to maintain LAI. Who chose the categories remains a secret.


Cindy Keller checks out Moses’ coin drop with some loose change.


Gallery owner Moses Pinkerton and Ashley Sanders wonder which container at the bottom will get funded by the descending coin.


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