Guests enjoy artist interpretations of "Endangered"

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Pictures by Curtis Fox

The walls of LAI are lined with imaginative and beautifully designed art.




“Ocean Waves” by Laura Elliott. What is happening to our oceans in the era of global warming?

“Fishes and Stars” by new LAI member Eli Brown. Eli wants her audience to know that the oceans are for fish, not toxic plastic. Eli is now a member of the Lincoln Art Institute as well as The Pharmacy art space in Springfield.

More art draws the visitor’s eye.


“Standing Tall” by Ashley Sanders. Ashley has been selected to create a new piece for the LAI outdoor window art gallery project. This is a small version of her contribution to the window art being planned for installation in September.


“Gift of the Bees” from Master Naturalist Pam Moriearty. No bees, no fruit, it’s just that simple or complex. Pam wants everyone to know how our life is sustained with the help of bees pollinating the world.


One of the largest gatherings at a LAI opening enjoying treats both from the appetizer table and the walls.

“Mother Earth and Black Snake” by Alice Ferguson. Her theme is taken from Native American lore that held the land in awe and reverence. They always sought to never endanger it.


“Hive” by Allison Carter. A bee hive comes alive in Allison’s hands.


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