Jesus Loves Me

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I doubt my children have ever considered it. If I didn’t point it out I wonder if they would have ever
figured it out? Doubtful! However, now that they’re having their own children; maybe! What am I
talking about? Love! I loved them before they ever knew it. Before they were born, I was already head over heels in love with them. From the time Bonnie and I knew we were expecting, I already loved them. As they grew in her womb, my love for them grew! Once we agreed on names, my love grew even more. On the day each of them was born—the first day I held them in my arms and gave them the first kiss on their head—I loved them so deeply that I would have given up my life for theirs without a hesitation. I loved them first! I loved them before they ever knew me.

The same is said of the Lord’s love for us. First John 4:19 says: “We love because He first loved us.”
It’s a love without end. Psalm 107 repeats it several times: “His love endures forever.” There’s no way around it, Jesus loved us before we ever knew Him. Isn’t that what the children’s song is all about? “Jesus loves me this I know!”

"Jesus Loves Me" is one of the most popular Christian songs around the world, especially among
children. It is unarguably as well-known as Amazing Grace or Silent Night. The song was first written by Anna B. Warner as a poem. Anna's sister, Susan, requested a poem for a dying child and Anna
wrote the wonderful words of “Jesus Loves Me” to bring comfort and peace. Anna's poem was later
put to the little tune we all know today.

"Jesus Loves Me," with its simple, direct message, is one of the first songs missionaries teach to new converts. It was the favorite hymn of Francis Schaeffer, who recognized ultimately that intellectuals and children alike need is it’s simple message. Amy Carmichael, the Irish missionary to
India, was converted after hearing this song at a children's mission in Yorkshire, England.

For most of us, we were taught the words to Jesus Loves Me” as our parents sang it with us, to
us, and for us. And it has been translated into most major languages and sung by children in every
nation on the face of the earth. In fact, it’s so popular that even other religions have copied it. There is a rendition that declares: “Buddha loves me this I know, for the Dharma tells me so.” Truth is,
you’d have to look long and hard at the Dharma to find evidence that Buddha loves you.


A simple song! A deep profound truth! And the number of people today who know it is shrinking? Yes! Statics say there is a generation growing up now that doesn’t know the song. Start the song for them, “Jesus loves me, this I know . . .” and fewer and fewer people can finish it. The number of children who can sing it is actually in a population plunge. Sad but true.

So, let’s say you were brave enough to tell a stranger, “Jesus loves you!” After all, we often say
that. But what if the person responded with, “Prove it!”? How would you answer that? What
passages od scripture would you share? What stories would you tell? Where do we turn to prove
the love of Jesus?

Answering this question is what our next sermon series is all about. How do we know Jesus loves us? Where would we turn in the Bible to prove the love of Jesus? What happens if all you have is John 3:16 and a person asks for more? For the month of May, we’ll be walking through several passages and stories that give proof to the love of Jesus in our lives.

Jesus said: "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love. . . . Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:9, 13–14).

Upcoming sermon series: May 5, Rich Young Ruler - Mark 10; May 12, Woman Caught in Adultery - John 8;
May 19, Jesus Touching Lepers - Matthew 8; May 26, Lazarus - John 11.

Ron Otto, Lincoln Christian Church preaching minister


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