Law enforcement and first response community show love and respect for lost comrade Allissa Martin

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On Saturday afternoon, a sad day was marked as Allissa Martin was laid to rest. Her funeral was held at Fricke Calvert Schrader Funeral Home in Lincoln. Marten fell to her death from a parking garage in St. Louis after attending a Cardinals baseball game.

Her death has been investigated by St. Louis Police and charges are being brought against her husband.

Martin was from Lincoln and has family in the community.

She was also a member of a special extended family, the Illinois Department of Corrections (DOC). Martin was employed at the Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln and was highly regarded by her superiors, her co-workers, and the female inmate population, whom it is reported she cared for deeply.

On Saturday a procession formed on the frontage road near the prison and traveled from the prison to the funeral home together. The procession was miles long and included hundreds of vehicles carrying hundreds of people who represent the DOC family.

Local and regional police departments, fire departments and other first responder agencies, as well as Illinois State Police, and many IDOC employees were in the procession.

At the funeral home, the crowd was so large it could not be contained by the building as hundreds gathered in the parking lot to pay their respects. The visitation for Martin began at 1:30 p.m. and for the next three hours or more, people waited outside the building for the opportunity to go inside and pay their respects to Allissa Martinís family.

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