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The Oasis Senior Center

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[November 26, 2019]  For 2020, The United Way of Logan County continues to partner with 15 non-profit programs in our community. The OASIS Senior Center is one of those programs.

The Oasis exists to provide a place where Logan County senior citizens, as individuals or in groups, come together for services and activities which enhance their dignity, support independence and encourage their involvement in and with the community. With over 900 members, the center hosts social events for members and the community, provides educational opportunities and health and wellness programs. Services are also available at the Oasis to the members and to the public.

United Way funding has been used to enhance facilities and equipment to allow the continuation of these programs and services, and improve efficiency of the facility. This keeps the overall cost to participate lower for members.

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Your Support Matters! Because this community supports The United Way of Logan County, Illinois, children have opportunities to live healthy, busy lives. Seniors can remain active and in their own homes. Families can prosper and recover from tragedy. Together we are doing what no one person or organization can do alone. Help us help others at or text LOGANCOUNTY to 313131 to give.

Thank you for making a difference.

[Patti Becker
Administrative Director
The United Way of Logan County]

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