Wall art installation day

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Pictures by Curtis Fox

The window crew at the Lincoln Art Institute rented a lift from Chicago Street Rentals.



Just right! The lift proved to be the perfect gadget to install the art on these six windows.

Jeff Williams’ contribution was the first to be lifted into place.

Two men and a work of art.

And done! Only five left to do.

Ashley Sanders’ painting was the second one installed. The process went faster.


Top row done with the addition of Tony Shuff’s sailboat scene.

Laura Elliott is number four.

It was fitting that Jason Hoffman installed his own work to complete the morning’s project on the outdoor gallery at the Lincoln Art Institute.


The first six were installed in 2018 on the first floor.


What a beautiful addition to downtown Lincoln!


There are more windows to cover with great art. If you have an idea for an addition, Moses Pinkerton invites you to discuss it with him.


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