Airmen of the 183rd Wing express appreciation to citizens of Logan County

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[January 16, 2020] 

Father Jeffery Laible was a guest at the Tuesday night meeting of the Lincoln City Council this week. Father Laible cares for multiple parishes in Logan County including the Holy Family Catholic Church in Lincoln. In addition, he is the current Chaplain of the Illinois National Guard in Springfield and the former and long-time Chaplain of the 183rd Wing, a division of the National Guard.

He was in attendance at the meeting representing the 183rd Wing and the National Guard, and delivered a certificate of appreciation to the citizens of Lincoln and Logan County for their strong support of the National Guard over the years.

Fr. Laible said, “The citizens of Lincoln and Logan County have been extremely generous in supporting our airmen soldiers in the Illinois National Guard and specifically the 183rd. On behalf of Col. Patterson who recently retired, I present to you a certificate of appreciation.”


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Fr. Laible read the inscription on the certificate: “Certificate of Appreciation presented to the citizens of Lincoln and Logan County, Illinois for exceptional support and precious gifts to the 183rd airmen and their families. Your generosity to the 183rd Wing greatly contributed to the comradery, morale, core of the airmen and family members of the 183rd Wing. Your support and assistance are greatly appreciated and gratifying to the 183rd Wing.”

Fr. Laible concluded saying that “on behalf of the airmen of the 183rd Wing I appreciate your support and all the good things that the citizens of Lincoln and Logan County of done for our airmen.

The certificate of appreciation was then given to Mayor Seth Goodman.

[Nila Smith]

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