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'17You blind fools! For which is greater, the gold or the sanctuary that has made the gold sacred?

Space matters. Yup, the universe. But thatís not what I mean. What I mean are the spaces in our lives we occupy.

Having a sacred space is essential to me. What is a sacred space? For me, a sacred space is a space I have set aside to encounter the Divine.

The sanctuary in a church is a space set aside for worship. Youíre right, we donít need sanctuaries to encounter the Divine. But as a Christian, a sanctuary is where we worship, and worship is a space in time when we set aside time to be together in community to share life, pray together, listen to our sacred story and stories, celebrate the sacraments, and acknowledge the graces in our lives. Sanctuary.

I need sanctuary. A space to get away from it all. It being the demands and busyness of life.
Sanctuary is where I can rest, connect with my True Self, and be present before the Triune God.

We donít need the things of our sacred spaces to encounter the Divine, but they help. The bells and whistles of what we do engage the entirety of ourselves and help us recognize we are a part of something Greater. The problem I face in my life when it comes to sanctuary is when I become preoccupied with the things of the space and not what the space cultivates.

For instanceÖMany times I have not entered my sanctuary at home because I did not have the right candle, incense, or music. This is silly, right? I donít need those things to find sanctuary. When this happens, I take note because Iím usually using the absence of these items to avoid what the sanctuary would help call forth. The clutter in my life.

Sanctuary. The space we can enter into and be safe. Be ourselves. When we canít do this, we have lost sanctuary.

Think about land sanctuaries. These are spaces where animals and plants can exist without threats from outside forcesóusually humans. In these spaces, the wildness of God is prevalent. People flock to these spaces because they remove us from the mundaneness of life. We set aside these spaces as a way to recognize their sacrednessótheir real state of existence. Sanctuary.

What is your sanctuary? Where is your sanctuary?

God, prepare me to be a sanctuary.

[Adam Quine, First Presbyterian Church in Lincoln]


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