Meet the Candidates

Logan County Primary Election Tuesday, March 17th

On March 17th 2020, Logan County residents go to the polls in a Primary Election to choose party candidates for the November General Election.

There are no local contests in the Democrat Party.  Three positions are contested in the Logan County Republican Party:

Coroner: Chris Sprague or Don Peasely to fill the vacancy on the retirement of Robert Thomas.

Circuit Clerk:  Bethany Rademaker or Kelly Elias to fill the vacancy on the retirement of Mary Kelley.

Circuit Judge (to fill the position created by the election of Justice Thomas M. Harris to the Fourth District Appellate Court in Nov 2018): 

William (Bill) Workman - currently in a second term appointment as Eleventh Judicial Circuit Associate Judge to 2023.

Jonathan Wright - Following the Nov 2018 General Election that put Thomas Harris in the Appellate Court, State's Attorney Jonathan Wright was nominated by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill the vacancy as resident Eleventh Judicial Circuit Judge. 

State's Attorney: Uncontested, Bradley Hauge is in his first election process seeking the State's Attorney position. Wright recommended Assistant State's Attorney  Hauge to take his position.  Hauge was approved by the Logan County Board and now seeks the support of the public for a four-year term.

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