Hilltop Tree Huggers encourage tree planting in Mount Pulaski

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[March 13, 2020]    We have recently experienced a breath of Spring. This brings to mind the importance of new tree plantings for our community. We, the Tree committee, aka, The Hilltop Tree Huggers, would like all homeowners, who have blank planting spaces on the boulevards, to consider the placement of a new tree/trees in that space/spaces.

Anyone who is willing, please contact City Hall and pick up a Request form as well as, the Do Not Plant list. Place a stake in the area that you would be willing to plant a tree, and the Committee will check this space for placement and take into consideration the type of tree you you are requesting. The City will reimburse up to $50 toward the cost off your selection, if approved.

Just a tip:  It takes over 100 years to grow a large tree, and our community has a lot of old trees. We are losing several every year, due to age and Mother Nature. Please take a little time to consider the need and importance of filling these vacant spaces and make a stop at City Hall. Those of you, who have spaces on your private property, please consider new plantings for your space. Of course, the city will not make reimburse to you for these, but future generations will reap the benefits of the new tree added to the landscape.

[City of Mount Pulaski]

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