Students get creative on the Vacation to Space

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Pictures by  Barbara Bowlby

The West Lincoln Broadwell fifth grade class took part in the Europa Encounter mission with the Challenger Learning Center.




The WLB sixth grade class spent three weeks taking a Vacation in Space as their Challenger Learning Center mission.

The students constructed helicopters as part of their Vacation in Space, just like the one that NASA hopes will fly around Mars.

A student demonstrates how the helicopter flies.


The students built a rover to travel around the planet just like the one that recently landed on Mars. They built the wheels using life savers, and a little engineering ingenuity.


A glider had to be built to get the space travelers from their rocket to the surface of their planet. The students experimented with different shapes to see which would fly the farthest.


What is an astronomical unit? These space travelers are learning on the classroom floor how distance is measured in space so they would know how far they can travel. The distances on the classroom floor were to scale.


And of course, they had to build rockets to get them on their way. The students experimented with various forms of propulsion to see which worked best.


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