What if… I feel grumpy

By Reverend Laurie Hill
St. John's Church of Christ

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Before my week of vacation in November, one could say I was a “Grumpy Bear” or some might think of worse names. I, along with the rest of the world, felt so tired of all this covid stuff, election ads endlessly on tv with no message except blaming their opponents. Scrolling on Facebook has become a painful process due to angry comments that most people wouldn’t dare to say to someone’s face, but feel just fine with “comments.”

We’re getting tired and weary of the rules and enforcing the rules for safety, for our health, for our wellbeing. We’re so very tired of the worry of all the “What will happen if…?” And, we are just plain lonely and miss our family and friends. And now, our numbers of cases are soaring and we’re back under strict mitigations, again, just in time for the holidays… which will now also be subdued. Weariness and fear seem to rule our days.

And yet, we are God’s people! Whether you go to a church building for worship or not, we believe all people are God’s people. You are a marvelous creation of God! And we mean it. No matter what.

Therefore, in these days of isolation, we don’t have to be ruled by weariness and/or fear. There’s a difference between being ruled by those feelings and having those feelings. We ALL have those feelings. We really cannot escape it right now. As humans, made in the image of God, means we can control how we cope with our emotions.

We who are God’s people, (and remember, I said that means you) need to guard our hearts and souls at this time when we feel those feelings. We need to remember NOT to let THEM rule us! If we allow our hearts and minds and souls to be ruled by God’s peace, God’s love, God’s faith, God’s hope, God’s justice, God’s kindness and God’s gentleness... we can get through this, together, as God’s own people.

I’m not saying we won’t feel weary or tired or frustrated or upset at times. And I am not even saying bad things won’t happen to us, for evil rains on everyone at times (that’s another article).

Bad things happen to everyone. But we don’t have to allow the most negative feelings to rule who we are and what we do and how we act and how we respond to others.

It’s easy to be a “Grumpy Bear,” but it makes our lives better and everyone around us feels better if we can choose those ways of God that Jesus taught us to choose, even in the face of evil. This Advent and Christmas season, as we ready our hearts for the birth of Christ, make room in your heart for these wonders of God! Choose them. Live them! Have Yourself a Merry Christmas, even if it’s just in moments! Even now, let us sing (in our own homes or outside), “Joy to the World!”

- Peace, Rev. Laurie Hill



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