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January 6th, U.S. Capitol riots

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To the editor:

What we witnessed on January 6th with the riotous demonstrations in Washington was appalling. Rioters, incited by Trump's rhetoric over the course of his presidency, followed his words as they gathered to invade the US Capital building while Congress was in session. Congress was participating in a historic event to certify the Electoral votes for a traditional transition to a new Presidency. For over 250 years, we have always had an uneventful transition to a new administration, following a free, fair election by the people.

With barricades being thrown aside, windows shattered, the Congress ransacked, the Capital police seemed worthless. Why wasn't the DC police, Homeland Security, and National Guard on high alert? They knew as well as we did there was a massive pro-trump demonstration planned. The raid on the Michigan capital this summer was just a prelude, a rehearsal for today's insurrection.

These Q--Anon, Proud Boys, Boogaloos, Tea Partiers, even evangelicals terrorized the capital, entered offices, went through drawers, planted the Trump flag on the dais and sat in the Speaker's desk. They proudly took selfies as they committed these acts.

These law breakers were encouraged by Sen. Jeff Hawley as he waved his fist in his support. Yet a cadre of lawmakers still refused to accept Trump's defeat. Remember their names: Ted Cruz, Jeff Hawley, John Kennedy, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Robert Marshall, Tom Tuberville, Rick Scott, and Cynthia Lummis. [to top of second column in this letter]

What has happened to civility and respect in this country? We became a banana republic yesterday like other authoritarian governments. This [deleted] presidency was growing minute by minute over 4 years. In his feeble speech, Trump told them to go home, but, he said they were "special and we love them". So there's his rebuke!

The last time our US Capital was invaded was 1812 when the British entered and set fire! They were foreigners. These rioters were US citizens. How could we become this? I believe they are uninformed people fed lies by heinous organizations who want the downfall of this country. They are fed lies by our very own president. They are constantly lied to by Faux News and Parlar. They must be under-educated to not understand the truth.

Now what? We have a few days of this tortuous presidency left. What else will he do to incite revolts to support his lies that he "won by a landslide"? He has the nuclear codes. Will he start a war? As a psychotherapist (retired), I know what I think is the problem. But, that's another whole story! Pray for our nation!

Rebecca Drake

[Posted January 8, 2021]

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