2018 Education

Page 2 2018 EDUCATION MAGAZINE LINCOLN DAILY NEWS MARCH 1, 2018 CONTENTS Elementary School 4 Blending grade levels and finding success 9 Empowering students using a “growth mindset” 18 Adam’s school emphasizes the importance of breakfast 21 Rewarding good student behavior and adding a touch of class 24 Kids need to live a healthy active lifestyle too! 26 “I EXCEL” yard signs a conversation starter High School 27 Dual-credit classes at LCHS prepare students for college 30 Are our children safe in school? Prventing violence in our schools 35 LCHS adopts IloveUguys Standard Response Protocol College 38 Traditional college not for everyone 42 COLLEGE: Are online classes effective? 45 A bright future for Lincoln College, its students, and the community Cover photos are from a Student Enrichment Trip made last October to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The Woods Foundation sponsored the trip made available to Logan County fifth grade students including: Lincoln Elementary District #27, Chester-East Lincoln, Carroll Catholic, Hartsburg-Emden, Mount Pulaski, New Holland-Middletown, Olympia South Elementary - Atlanta, West Lincoln-Broadwell, and Zion Lutheran – Lincoln. Photos provided by Kent Froebe. 12 The benefits of a private school education