2020 Education Magazine LINCOLN DAILY NEWS FEBRUARY 20, 2020 Page 7 while the focus of that day will be on physical health, from what we put into our bodies to how we move them to help us reduce stress. For this version of G.R.I.T., we found we will have to rename it - Gaining Resilience In Tweens. Based on the positive response to G.R.I.T. from adults and students, the planning committee also sees potential for other versions of G.R.I.T., from Gaining Resilience In Teaching, to Gaining Resilience In Teamwork, to Gaining Resilience In Toddlers, and even Gaining Resilience In Town, with all area businesses showcasing the Wellness Widget and how its business could assist with one or more areas of the widget. As the ALMH CHC has identified four areas of concern and focus for the counties it serves as obesity, substance use, poverty and mental health, the G.R.I.T. program can help create those healthy behaviors to address these focuses for any age. The future for G.R.I.T. and Logan County is bright, and of course, we would love more ideas and help to have it grow to offer more and more for our community, no matter the age. A healthier viewpoint for all of our citizens is truly the goal, and we can all help in making that a reality. Jennifer Keith is the CEO of Keith Technology & Educational Consulting, a Lincoln Community High School school board member, and a parent of two daughters. Keith resides in Lincoln with her consultant husband and is using the G.R.I.T. program to finalize her doctorate in educational leadership.