2020 Education Magazine LINCOLN DAILY NEWS FEBRUARY 20, 2020 Page 9 Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Community Health Collaborative and through grant funding provided by Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation. The initiative brought Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners to lead the kitchen transformation. In addition to eating delicious, made-from-scratch breakfasts and lunches, students tour the cafeteria to learn about cooking preparations, meet farmers, and learn about food and agriculture in the classroom. Meanwhile, school cooks receive culinary and production skills training to operate more like a 5-star restaurant for kids. The program is based on a simple concept articulated by a third grade student of the district who when asked, “What would you change to convince your friends who don’t eat school lunch to eat school lunch?” said, “Like Lincoln 27 and Beyond, ask the kids what they want and then put it on the menu.” Through taste tests, surveys, and lunchroom and classroom discussions, students provide input on what they want to eat at school. The student driven menu highlights sloppy Joes, macaroni and cheese, and chicken and noodles, with sprinklings of new foods such as kale and turnip chips, garbanzo beans, and beets. Continued p