2021 Education magazine

Page 8 2021 Education Magazine LINCOLN DAILY NEWS February 18, 2021 Moore says, “It is an absolute delight to work with the teachers at CEL. They are a group of dedicated professionals who are excited to learn and grow themselves as they explore the best ways to teach their students. They have contributed so much to the program, not only in the form of helping to compile and organize curriculum resources, but also as they try these lessons and strategies in their classrooms and get creative to build upon them.” The new curriculum is being utilized in all grade levels at CEL starting in kindergarten. It is the intention that the inquiry-based learning method will serve all these young people well not only as they enter high school and college, but also as they go into their professional careers. You do use math every day, whether understanding square footage, volume, pounds per square inch, miles and distance rates, fuel use, converting recipe measurements or even understanding why the joke “pie are square” is funny, πr2. For now, the ROE and CEL are off to a good start and Moore is happy that she chose to start with the little school in Lincoln. She said, “I absolutely adore working with everyone at CEL. The school truly operates as a large family, and I sincerely appreciate the way that everyone works together to foster a positive environment where everyone knows they are valued and appreciated.” [Nila Smith]