2021 Hometown Heroes

2021 Hometown HEROES Magazine LINCOLN DAILY NEWS May 27, 2021 Page 39 From talk show hosts Judy Busby and Bill Gossett: W e are co-hosts of a radio talk show called Viewpoint. This program airs each Wednesday 8:15 - 9 a.m. on radio station WLCN, 96.3 FM. We endeavor to bring interesting guests to our show and this is the reason for this note. We think we hit a home run with our guests on Wed., May 12th. Our guests, representing Lincoln School District 27 were School Administrator Kent Froebe, Junior High Principal Mike Workman, and Athletic Director Brent Bainter. We believe that it is more than appropriate to recognize the jobs these men are doing on behalf of our students. Parents: rest assured that your children are in outstanding hands. Taxpayers - likewise for the tax monies you pay. It is no secret that this Covid business forced many changes in our daily lives. Perhaps this has been most evident in our entire education system. Lincoln, IL has indeed been most fortunate in having Messrs. Froebe, Workman and Bainter so involved with our children’s education. We salute our educators, all! Appreciation for all educators: Logan County school administrators, teachers and staff