2020 Spring Farm Outlook

Page 12 2020 Logan County Farm Outlook LINCOLN DAILY NEWS March 19, 2020 imagine could have an impact on farming, but it does. The challenge for the producer though, is to know how to use this to their benefit without also over reacting. Keeping in mind that eventually this virus will subside, and probably some new issue will arise to replace it. Farmers need to be practical. Take advantage of what is before them, but look ahead to what comes in the years ahead. Over extending now because interest rates are low may come back to bite them later. Irwin says that farmers have to be sharp, they have to be good record keepers and they have to be able to keep a lot of balls in the air at the same time. Not a job for the weak of mind or heart. Now 17 years into his position with SBL, Irwin says he is happy to be a big part of the farming industry. He enjoys what he does and he enjoys helping local farms survive and thrive in today’s challenging economies. He appreciates SBL’s 117 year commitment to Logan County and he very much appreciates the farm industry in Logan County. He looks forward to working with his customers and helping them to realize their full potential on the farm year in and year out. There have been a lot of changes in the farming industry in the last 10 years and there will undoubtedly be a lot in the next 10 years. LDN looks forward to seeing what happens in 2030 and perhaps looking back once again at what the 2020 decade brought to our farming community.