2020 Spring Farm Outlook

Page 20 2020 Logan County Farm Outlook LINCOLN DAILY NEWS March 19, 2020 The trade deal could have political implications in this election year as Trump’s defense against “unfair trade deals” appeals to some rural voters. It is a deal welcomed by some farmers with hopes that it will bring a turn-around in exports. There is some optimism that negotiations toward a phase two deal could further ease tariffs, open more Chinese markets and allow for more exports. Right now, it is unclear when that deal will happen since those negotiations are expected to take even longer than previous ones. Many analysts do not foresee this deal happening before 2021. Still, with the recent deals, the future appears to be looking brighter for farmers. At the American Farm Bureau Federation Conference in January, Trump said, the best years for American farmers are yet to come.” Let’s hope he is right. Farmers are watching with great interest to see if their soil-tilling experience will parallel the political rhetoric. Sources: Burger, Beth. “Farmers received billions of dollars to compensate for tariffs. Will that continue in 2020?” USA Today. 21 Nov. 2019. https://www.usatoday.com/story/ money/2019/11/20/trump-bucks-china-tariffs- farmer-subsidies-continue-2020/4247648002/ Clayton, Chris. “Ag Waiting on Phase-One Deal Impact: Two Farmers Voice Optimism, Pessimism on China, Trade Disputes.” 26 Feb. 2020. https://www.dtnpf.com/agriculture/web/ag/ news/world-policy/article/2020/02/26/two- farmers-offer-optimism-pessimism Illinois Farm Bureau. “Statement from the Illinois Farm Bureau Regarding USMCA Presidential Signage.” 29 Jan. 2020. https:// www.ilfb.org/media/statement-from-the- illinois-farm-bureau-regarding-usmca- presidential-signage/ Rayasam, Renuka and Cather Boudreau. Trump touts promises after painful year for farmers. Politico. 20 Jan. 2020. https://www . politico.com/news/2020/01/20/trump-touts- promises-farmers-101135. Youngquist, Jim. “The Impact of Trump Bucks, Donny Dollars.” 8 Nov. 2019. http://archives.lincolndailynews.com/2019/ Nov/08/NEWS/FARMAG110819_JIM.shtml