2020 Spring Farm Outlook

Page 28 2020 Logan County Farm Outlook LINCOLN DAILY NEWS March 19, 2020 What led you to choose a career path that involves Agriculture? I am a non traditional agriculture student, which means I did not come from a strong agriculture background. My sophomore year of high school I was put into the Introduction to Agriculture class and personally was not sure how it would end up. Thankfully, I loved every minute of it and was quickly taken under my teacher’s wing who pushed me to realize that even though I did not know much I had a place. When it came time to pick a college I knew I wanted to continue exploring agriculture. Once I got to college I fell in love with the program and knew that this is where I was meant to be. After that, everything fell into place. What particular field do you plan to pursue in Ag? I plan on becoming an Agriculture Lobbyist. What are your career goals? I want to advocate for the future generations of agriculturalists. I want to be a part of ensuring that agriculture continues to be strong and provide for our consumers. Specifically, I want to focus on the importance of agriculture education and how that can benefit the agriculture industry pertaining to filling more jobs, educating the public, and more. Who inspired you to choose Ag or who might be some of your biggest influences currently? I have a lot of people who influence me and inspire me. At the beginning of my journey in agriculture in my high school Agriculture Women in Ag: An interview with Skye Kretzinger Continue 4