2020 Spring Farm Outlook

Page 48 2020 Logan County Farm Outlook LINCOLN DAILY NEWS March 19, 2020 T he National Ag Statistics Office has released 2019 corn and soybean yields by county on February 20, 2020. The state average corn yield was 181.0 bushels per acre, compared to the 210 bushel per acre average of the 2018 season. In the year 2019, the corn yield average for Logan County was 194.2 bushels per acre. By comparison, last year Logan County averaged 236.2. Top corn yield counties for 2019 were Sangamon with 206.3, Carroll at 206.1, Morgan at 205.8, Tazewell yielding 205.6, and Cass also with a yield of 205.6. McLean had the top county production for corn with 61,712,000 bushels for the county. Production in 2019 for Logan County was 35,047,000 bushels on 180,500 acres harvested. The new 10 year average corn yield is 189.0 for Logan County. 2019 soybean crop yield reports for Illinois and Logan County The state soybean average yield was 54.0 bushels to the acre. Top counties were Sangamon with 65.5, Carroll yielding 64.7, Morgan averaging 64.1, Macon and Tazewell yielding 63.8 and Coles at 63.7. Logan County estimated soybean yield did not get reported for 2019. With no report in 2019, using 9 years of figures for the ten year average, the average yield is 59.9 bushels per acre. McLean County once again led in county production with 18,123,000 bushels on 297,000 acres. Maps of 2019 yields and charts showing corn and soybean 10 yield averages for Logan County follow. 2019 corn and soybean yields Continue 4