Bob Frank, photographer

John Fulton, writer

Jeff Mayfield, sportswriter

Sam Redding, founder

Ryan Seggelke, founder




Tom Seggelke, founder, sports photographer

Lynn Spellman, writer

Greg Taylor, sportswriter

Jan Youngquist, managing editor

Jim Youngquist, founder, CEO

Bob Frank, photographer

Bob Frank, an 11-year resident of Logan County, is working as a photographer for Lincoln Daily News and assisting in the LDN office.

He graduated from high school in North Chicago and has attended Pensacola Junior College, University of West Florida and Lincoln Christian College.

He started taking pictures for the school paper in high school and has had several photos win awards, including best of show.

He worked 10 years as a television news photographer and got to meet "a lot of very interesting people." He indicates that the highlight was being able to go to both the Republican and Democratic conventions in 1988. He says, "At the Democratic convention, we were able to interview a little-known governor from Arkansas, Bill Clinton, and his wife."

Bob and his wife, Cheryl, have five children and three grandchildren between them.

Besides photography, his interests include í60s music, playing on the computer and a collection of ceramic bears. Also, he has two retired greyhounds and enjoys taking them to "meet-and-greets to let people know and meet the dogs and find out what a wonderful dog they are to have as pets."

John Fulton, writer

John Fulton has worked in Logan County for 19 years. He is currently the unit leader with the University of Illinois Extension. Prior to that he was the agriculture adviser for Logan County with the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service.

He and his wife, Sherry, have three sons, Andrew, David and Daniel.

He graduated from high school in St. Charles, received his bachelorís degree in ag science from Western Illinois University in 1979 and his masterís degree in agronomy from the University of Illinois in 1986.

His favorite pastimes are working around the familyís small-scale farm, hunting and fishing.


Jeff Mayfield, writer

Jeff was born in Oceanside, Calif. He grew up in nearby Escondido before moving up the coast to Sunnyvale. He graduated from high school far from the West Coast, in Mount Vernon, Mo. He has been living for the last 15-plus years in Logan County.

He is married to Melinda (Byers) and currently is employed as director of partnership at Lincoln Christian College and Seminary.

He attended college at both Lincoln Christian College and Southwest Missouri State University. He has also done graduate work at Lincoln Christian Seminary and the University of Illinois.

He enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife. His passions are evangelism and preaching. He also reads, watches movies, drives a few golf balls and is known to attend as many major sporting events as humanly possible. But if the truth were known, the pride of his life is his young son, Payne.

Sam Redding, founder

Sam grew up in Towanda and lives in Lincoln with his wife, Jane, who is a teacher at Washington-Monroe School. Together they have four children and three grandchildren.

Sam is a graduate of Normal Community High School and earned his bachelor's degree in history, his master's degree in psychology and his doctorate in educational administration from Illinois State University. He also earned a master's degree in English from the University of Illinois in Springfield.

He is the executive director of Academic Development Institute in Lincoln and in his spare time is an avid reader, playing a little golf. He dabbles in genealogy too.

Ryan Seggelke, founder

Ryan Seggelke is a pre-press designer for Key Printing.

Ryan was born and raised here in Lincoln, where he currently resides. He is quoted as having no spouse or children, but shares his home with a pet canary named Peep.

He graduated from Lincoln Community High School and later received a degree in mathematics from the University of Illinois.

He plays guitar, reads and is interested in shopping and traveling. His favorite food is "Chunky Monkey" ice cream. He is, curiously, both a night person and a morning person, requiring occasional daytime naps.


Tom Seggelke, founder, sports photographer

Tom Seggelke, an LDN founder, was born in Lincoln on July 25, 1948. He graduated from LCHS in 1966 and from Lincoln Christian College in 1970. He is married to Rita, who is a supervisor in the Springfield office of Department of Children and Family Services. They have four children.

Tom is the owner of Key Printing in Lincoln. He and Rita attend Lincoln Christian Church.

His claim to fame is that, although he was very young at the time, he once shook hands with President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Lynn Spellman, writer

Lynn Shearer Spellman currently writes articles on assignment for Lincoln Daily News. She is retired from Lincoln College and occasionally edits books for local authors.

She graduated from Toulon Community High School and received her bachelorís and masterís degrees in the field of English from the University of Illinois in Urbana. She has lived in Lincoln for 35 years.

Lynn is married to Henry A. (Hank) Spellman and has two sons, Ed and Charlie. Ed and his family live in Bedford, Ind., and Charlie in Phoenix, Ariz. Both sons and the daughter-in-law are engineers.

The Spellmans have a cat, Ivan.

Lynn enjoys reading, attending plays and being a grandma. She also likes traveling and once celebrated a birthday in the Republic of Kirabati.

Greg Taylor, sportswriter

Greg Taylor, assistant director of admissions at Lincoln Christian College, likes to watch the Cubs and the Illini. His reports on Illini games are posted for LDN readers.

He graduated from Champaign Centennial High School, earned a bachelorís degree from LCC, and is currently working on a masterís degree at Lincoln Christian Seminary.

He enjoys spending family time with his wife, Marla, and their two children: Jordan and Peyton. They have a golden retriever named Sammy.

Besides watching sports, Greg likes to read and also spends about eight to 10 days each year fishing in Canada.


Jan Youngquist, managing editor

Jan moved to Lincoln 19 years ago and currently serves as managing editor for Lincoln Daily News.

She and her husband, Jim, have a daughter, Trisha. The Youngquists share their home with Bob, the cat.

Jan graduated from Streator Township High School and has studied at Joliet Junior College (horticulture), Lincoln Christian College, Lincoln College (pre-nursing), and Millikin University (nursing).

Jan likes variety in life and a sense of adventure. She enjoys playing with the cat, gardening, reading (novels and gardening stuff), movies, listening to books on tape while driving or floating in the pool, traveling in the U.S., walking through parks and wilderness, and camping. She also lists worship on Sundays -- not as a pastime, but a necessary time.

As far as dislikes are concerned, thereís coconut. And she takes mice caught on sticky traps and sets them free in the country.

Jim Youngquist, founder, CEO

Jim Youngquist grew up in Joliet and moved to Lincoln in 1984 with his family to attend Lincoln Christian College. He attended Joliet West High School and Joliet Junior College, where he majored in horticulture. Jim was a preaching major at LCC.

He lives quietly in Lincoln with his wife, Jan, and Bob, the cat. Jim and Jan have a daughter, Trisha.

Jim says that his hobbies are computers, collecting clocks and tropical fish, but his favorite pastime is actually teaching Sunday School at Eastview Christian Church in Bloomington.

Trisha Youngquist, office assistant, writer

Trisha Youngquist of Lincoln has worked as an LDN office assistant, writer and substitute for others on the staff.

She graduated from the Illinois Math and Science Academy in 1998, studied for two years at Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Virginia and graduated from Truman State University in Missouri in 2002 with a double major in Russian and physics.

She enjoys swimming, embroidery, reading, watching movies, biking, traveling and sitting around drinking coffee. In addition, she does a great Animal (from the Muppets) impression.